Renewable Future For Singapore

Pulau Ubin Micro-grid Test Bed

Residents and business operators on Pulau Ubin have signed up for electricity from Singapore Energy Market Authority’s (EMA) micro-grid test bed, which was built by DLRE to test the impact of renewable energy sources like solar energy on grid operations.

Renewable and greener sources of energy can be unreliable as they are dependent on weather conditions.

The learning points from the test-bed will help to enhance Singapore’s ability to manage intermittent energy sources and enable Singapore to maximise the amount of solar and other forms of renewable energy deployable when those technologies become commercially viable.

This contributes to a long term goal of diversifying its energy mix and moving towards a sustainable energy future for Singapore.

With the micro-grid’s completion, EMA will explore how other companies and research organisations could use it as a platform to develop energy-related technologies and solutions.