Winds of change in Sri Lanka

In 2012, DLRE partnered with Nirmalapura Wind Power Pvt and PowerGen Lanka Pvt to design and construct three new wind farms, effectively doubling the country’s wind power capacity.

The three wind farms of 10 megawatts each are located in the Puttalam district in northwestern Kaplitiya.

During the windy season between May to August, electricity generation is projected to be high, with a low period between September and November. The shortfall will be evened out by the excess generation during the high season.

With Sri Lanka setting a target of getting 20 percent of its total power from renewable sources by 2020, including 400 megawatts from wind energy alone.

DLRE are proud to have been involved in the planning and implementation of this wind farm, helping Sri Lanka take a bold step in mitigating the environmental problems caused by an over dependency on fossil fuels.