Telecoms Power

DLRE conducts needs assessments, policy structuring, financing and implementation for our telecommunication clients by developing and customising next generation products to our customers’ needs.

The mobile phone telecommunication sector has grown at an exponential rate since 1997, adding 1 billion new customers. A large proportion of these customers are in rural areas. For a telecommunications operator to access these new markets and provide services to potential customers in remote rural areas, they must solve the problem of supplying electricity to BTS towers in a reliable and cost-effective way.

The challenges faced by telecommunications companies in the world are becoming multi-faceted as the industry grows and competition intensifies. Most of these telecommunications companies use diesel generators as backup power sources, and in many places with unreliable or no grid power, as the primary source of power. With an ever expanding network of subscribers and demand for wider coverage, network integrity is the key concern among the many challenges faced by a telecommunications provider.

In a typical setup, energy costs often account for up to 60% of network operating expenses. DLRE has tailored a Telecommunications Power Solution with an emphasis on efficient power generation. Our standard package includes the HybridGEN variable speed diesel generator with options of adding renewable energy sources such as low-wind-speed small wind turbines and photovoltaic modules. Operators and maintenance users can remotely access the system through GPRS and Internet Protocol to obtain information on system health and fault alerts around the clock.

DLRE Telecommunications Power Solutions are focused on efficient means of power generation, effective use of renewable energy products and a justifiable Return on Assets (ROA).

How does DC HybridGEN help?

More Efficient Power

  • Significant fuel savings between 50% and 80%
  • Extended maintenance period
  • Reduced logistical and man-power challenges to remote sites

24/7 Cloud Monitoring

  • Fully remote estate management
  • Provided via GSM coverage
  • Pre-emptive alarms and warnings

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Zero CapEx

  • Pricing based on $ per kWh or a fixed monthly charge
  • Reduced Monthly OpEx