DLRE delivers efficient energy solutions

Efficient energy solutions form part of a wider electrification system for municipals, institutions and governments across the Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

We offer a full suite of integrated customised design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning services for renewable energy systems to serve the needs of communities and corporations.

We utilise products from reliable and reputable vendors from the United States and Thailand, among others. With our expert team of technical and financial consultants, we are at the forefront of offering bespoke solutions to commercial entities, NGOs (Red Cross, UNDP, etc), municipals and governments. We share their vision in bringing sustainable power to rural areas to promote development with the help of electrification.

Equipment Integration Services

With our engineering expertise, we integrate components to form efficient and sustainable electrification systems.

These services include engineering, installation and commissioning of clean energy systems such as small wind turbines, PV panels and inverters.

Manufacture and Procurement Services

Upon determination of the project requirements, we assist our customers in obtaining the most cost effective solutions in the sourcing and procurement of requisite equipment and spare parts.

DLRE supplies equipment and parts required in the power system such as wind turbines and inverters.

Consultancy Services

Our extensive experience and knowledge enables us to provide engineering and financial consultancy services to our customers like municipal governments, state-owned organisations and energy companies.

We provide Engineering Consultancy, offering technical advice, training, on-site installation, commissioning work and after sales services, as well as Financial Consultancy, embarking on viability studies, financial arrangements and advice.